Alex Frawley – (Billerica MA)

                                                           Class of 2017 – Alex Frawley (Billerica MA) 

Alex Frawley is one of many talented players from Mass Elite AAU Basketball’s super talented Class of 2017. A resident of Billerica, Alex is currently a leading scorer, rebounder and passer on his Merrimack Valley travel team that has gone 13-3 over the 2011-2012 Winter season.

Alex Frawley currently stands at nearly 6″0 and brings a tremendous of length to the floor. Alex’s long arms and quick hands make him an excellent defender who causes lots of problems for opposing teams, especially when playing full court defense. Alex for a kid his size is an exceptional ball-handler who sees the floor very well. Long strides and a solid handle make him an option at the Shooting Guard/Small Forward positions – although Alex’s length, strong built and toughness also make him a strong and very capable low post players. Alex’s greatest strength though is his “spot-on” perimeter shooting, especially from outside the three point line where Frawley is a big threat to score a lot of points. Alex also brings a lot of natural leadership to his team. A great teammate, Alex makes all of his teammates better. He instills confidence and determination in his teammates both on and off the floor.

Alex recently was a standout at the Blue Chips Showcase event sponsored by New England Recruiting Report and Hoop Rootz. Coaches and those evaluating spoke in high regard of Alex’s overall current skill set and long term upside. Alex is quickly making a big name for himself and is now hitting the age where he will start getting more notice.